Microsoft’s new state-of-the-art headquarters in Belfast promotes an inclusive, diverse, and innovative workplace for all employees.

Key to TODD Architects’ brief was the encouragement of curiosity, experimentation, and knowledge-sharing; all of which have been expertly executed in an original and innovative way.

The unique design revolves around the idea of transforming the idea of “Working from Home” into “Work Feels like Home” as a means of gently encouraging staff to make use of the wide range of amenity available whilst inspiring collaboration and in-person social interaction.

Drawing inspiration from Belfast’s architectural heritage, characterised by iconic Victorian redbrick housing, arched entrances, and surrounding landscapes, the new space has a welcoming environment that evokes the feeling of stepping into a familiar living room.

In tandem with the creative design, the new office meets stringent sustainability standards to ensure it positively impacts the environment alongside the workforce.